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Myths Associated with the Toyota Prius

Maxat Hybrid Repair

June 10, 2016

Addressing Common Myths Associated with the Toyota Prius

At Maxat Hybrid Repair, we go aim to educate our customers regarding the true facts of hybrid vehicles.  From cost-effective repairs to common issues to look for, we aim to help each and every potential customer by revealing the facts behind hybrids.  With this goal in mind, we would like to clear the air on some common myths on the Toyota Prius that would convince a buyer whether purchasing a Prius is the best or worst decision of their lives.

“Prius batteries don’t last long and the car is useless once the battery dies.”

The reason this myth has become so common over the years is due to the battery problems associated with the early 2000s models of the Prius. Owners of these early models may have had to replace the battery pack due to its smaller size and a shorter lifespan, but Toyota has since addressed the battery issue in later models of the Prius. By 2004, the Prius had become the ultra-reliable vehicle you see today. These batteries tend to last over ten years, but this can vary on vehicle usage.

“Prius batteries cost thousands to replace and ruin the value of the car.”

This statement may actually be true depending on your battery repair solution (click here to see our prices), the number of years and miles on you Prius and the overall car market.  If your Prius battery dies, it very well might cost you a few thousand to replace with a new battery if you go through the Toyota dealer.  However, independent mechanics like Maxat Hybrid Repair can offer a more cost-effective repair option.  Whether the option is to repair or replace the battery, you can be sure that you will get a better deal outside of the Toyota dealership.  While battery fixes can be expensive, a Prius owner offsets this cost by saving on common repairs seen in other vehicles and the cost of fuel over the lifespan of the vehicle.

“The Prius explodes.”

A common misconception is that batteries are explosive.  The truth is that a gas-powered vehicle is at a far greater risk to explode from a collision than a battery-powered vehicle like the Toyota Prius.

“The Prius is more harmful to the environment than big trucks and SUVs.”

This myth is also generated by the misconception that a user will need to replace the battery several times over the life of the vehicle.  The truth is that the Prius uses the same amount of plastic and metal in the production of the vehicle as a similarly sized sedan.  As far as the concerns with the battery, the environmental impact is minimal when considering the difference in fuel being burned by a gas-powered vehicle.

“The Prius is guaranteed to save you money.”

As much as we would like to make such a guarantee, the fact is that not all Priuses are created equal and the cost savings really depends on vehicle use and unexpected repairs.  The Prius will often cost more than other small sedan options when purchasing brand new.  The difference in price is only offset when driving a high number of miles per year, which is not the case for every driver.  Buying a used Prius is more comparable to used sedans of similar age and mileage and is more likely to save you money over the life of the vehicle.  An even bigger factor in cost savings is the price of gas.  While the Prius will undoubtedly save your gas money, the impact of the savings is dependent on the price of cost year-over-year.

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