Fuel Injector Services

There are several reasons why injector service may be necessary.

A decrease in fuel ECONOMY in any car is a telltale sign of an injector problem. Once any car has reached 60,000 miles, fuel economy and performance almost decreases as WELL… Injector service is required. Get your injectors cleaned and tested and regain the gas mileage, decreased emissions, smooth operation and performance you used to have.

Injectors that have been sitting outside of the car for an extended PERIOD of time or injectors purchased without a known history can be problematic. Are they clogged? Do they have any electrical problems? Does the set flow evenly? Injector Service will insure cleanliness, test for all issues and provide a valuable flow report.

When new injectors are INSTALLED, especially if they are a different size than stock and/or if other engine modifications are made at the same time, the car’s ECU cannot properly regulate the injectors – Tuning is required. DeatschWerks Advanced Injector Testing provides the data necessary to optimize the idle, drivability and power you require from your new injectors.


Single Injector Cleaning $20