How to make your tires last 8+ years?

With the double-digit percentage increase in the rate of tires, it has become a matter of utmost importance to extend their life. To increase the longevity of the tires, we need to follow a regular care routine. This will not only help in saving money, but will also ensure safety. Few of them are – Keep them aligned is a significant requirement. If the tires point in or out, the edges get abraded faster.

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Feel The Difference With Auto Oil Change Services

After a house, a car is the second largest investment any family makes. One of the simplest and the most effective method to safeguard this investment is to schedule regular oil changes. Quintessential to the engine’s health, it ensures that they are running longer and stronger. At Auto, our top-of-the-line varied oil change services with the most advanced blends and full synthetic oil at jaw-dropping prices ensure that both the car and its owner remain.

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Electric Car Services And Their Maintenance

Electric cars or ‘green cars’, as they are popularly known, are fast leaving the fuel-powered cars far behind since it offers many advantages like low gasoline costs, comparatively low maintenance costs and ‘zero emission’ factor. Lacking any combustion engine, they are operated through batteries and electric motors. However they too require to be looked after. Auto provides the best electric car services facilities to ensure that it glides as smooth as a glass on the roads.

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Common Engine Oil Problems and Their Solutions

A car runs for thousands of miles therefore, it is subject to wear and tear. The most common problems are linked to the engine oil, which is the lubricant that decreases the temperature of the engine, and reduces wear on moving parts. Hence, it is beneficial to both, car and the possessor, to know about these menaces.  Low oil pressure – When there isn’t enough oil in the system, the low oil pressure reading on the dash gauge starts flickering.

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Battery and Engine Restore Service

Taking care of the engine or battery, depending on the make of the car, improves the chances of a car lasting for the long haul. Maintaining them regularly and ensuring issues are nipped at the bud, one can save himself, lot of unnecessary distress and hassles. However, only the very best and the skilled technicians should do this. At Auto, we pledge by the most trustworthy and experienced technicians.

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About our Mechanic Repair Shop

At Auto, we understand car maintenance and repair services goes hand in hand with the purchase of any vehicle. Starting as a family business with just two people in October 1956, we have built, earned and maintained our reputation for rendering quality, terrific service and absolute reliability to all our clients. With over 50 years of experience below our belts, our employees’ count has gone over more than ten.

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P0A80 code – Battery Replacement Toyota Prius 2004-2009

Battery Replacement Options for Your Toyota Prius (2004-2009)


When a Toyota Prius hybrid battery official “dies” (sets trouble code P0A80), you should contact our shop immediately to get a quote on a battery replacement option at a fair price.  If you are a 2nd Generation Toyota Prius Owner, you may be reaching the point where your Toyota Prius is experiencing hybrid battery problems.  The failure point of a Prius hybrid battery is more frequent in vehicles over 10 years old and cars with miles over 200,000 are also known to experience battery problems.  At Maxat Hybrid Repair, we offer solutions to get your vehicle functioning properly again at a reasonable price point.


The Toyota Prius is generally known as a low maintenance and reliable vehicle with very little problems.  However, no vehicle is perfect and the Prius does have its flaws in the form of a hybrid battery replacement.  Whether you are planning ahead or looking to fix a dead hybrid battery currently, consider the following options:


Order a Brand New Prius Hybrid Battery from Toyota

The Prius hybrid battery carries a 1 year warranty with Toyota.  If a failure occurs before either of these thresholds, Toyota will replace the battery free of charge.  The problem is that a majority of these battery failures are occurring after these marks.  While various resources are available for battery replacement, a majority of these will be somewhere between $3,000 and $4,000 for the battery and installation.


Vehicle owners should run a value check on their vehicle at this point.  Some might realize that replacing the battery with a brand new one will cost close to half the value of the vehicle in resale, depending on the age, condition and mileage.  If this idea bothers you (which is understandable), you may want to consider other options for battery replacement like visiting a hybrid repair shop.


Buy a Used/Refurbished Battery from a Third Party Source

Rather than spending a large amount of money on a brand new battery to place in to your 10+ year old vehicle, consider hybrid battery repair with our shop.  Our shop offers services for your Toyota Prius at a fraction of the cost the competitors will charge you.  Our hybrid repair shop will perform a battery repair for $950 or perform a factory rebuild on the battery for $2,250 as of April 2016.  While the repair or rebuild are not inexpensive fixes by any means, they are significantly cheaper options to fix the vehicle without losing too much value in a future resale.


Know Your Options

Car problems can be a frustrating part of life.  They are bound to happen and vehicle owners often do not have the appropriate funds in their budget for a big fix like this battery replacement.  Warranties do exist on the Prius for a limited lifespan and certified used Priuses will vary on warranties.  Either way, it is good to know your options for replacement or repair.  Run a price check for replacement or repair, check the value of your vehicle and consider the option that works best for you and your budget.  A well-researched decision will likely leave the vehicle owner feeling better that they made the best decision to fit his or her current needs.  Upon reaching a final decision, feel free to contact our shop to see how we can help you out.


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2005 taxi prius Did not start

I had a taxi prius today, that did not start. After diagnostic i opened inverter and found that inverter burned inside. Its had a fire inside.
Conclusion do not clear dtc codes and continue to drive, it will overload a hybrid system. Repair will be a lot more after the fact