At Maxat Hybrid Repair, we offer a comprehensive line of hybrid maintenance services to keep your hybrid running like new. We pride ourselves on quality maintenance services that are designed to improve the performance of your HYBRID VEHICLE ( Toyota Prius, Toyota Camry, Honda Civic, Nissan Altima, Lexus Hybrids and many more), including hybrid battery repair and hybrid battery replacement.


As trusted hybrid mechanics, we offer:

  • Hybrid Battery Rebuild/Repair

  • High Voltage Cable – Inspection and Repair.

  • Test and analyze – transmission drive motor/power inverter system.

  • Test and analyze hybrid charging system

  • Inspection of all cabling

  • Electrical and diagnostic inspection

  • Power and energy of hybrid battery system.


If you’ve looked over the aforementioned list and you’re still not sure which option is the best for you and your vehicle. To make an appointment here at Maxat Hybrid Repair so as to give you an honest recommendation.




Prices for Toyota Prius (2004-2009):

HV Battery Repair = $869.25

(as of this post 10/06/16)
– Installation = Included
– HV Battery Fan Cleaning = Included
6 Month Warranty = Included

Total with tax = $950
 Cash Price. If Electronic Payment +3% Tax

HV Battery Factory Rebuild  (Toyota PN G9510-47031) = $2150.25

(price as of this post, 10/06/16)
– Installation = Included
(includes additional hour to transfer internal battery components)
– HV Battery Fan Cleaning = Included
3 Years Warranty = Included

Total with tax = $2350
* Cash Price. If Electronic Payment +3% Tax


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