If you experience odometer problem (dark instrument panel, speedometer, odometer, fuel gauge, PRND display). We repair problems on each odometer. Your odometer cluster will be pre-programmed and ready to plug with same mileage information.

Known problems:

  • Dark instrument panel, speedometer, odometer, fuel gauge, PRND display
  • Speed, fuel, PRND display blinking on and off while driving
  • Intermittent problem in cold temperatures
  • Power button inoperable at the time of speedometer failure

Warranty info: This repair service comes with a Lifetime Warranty

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Odometer Repair – $450 (lifetime warranty)
Total with tax = $450

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Fuel Injector Services

Fuel Injector Service

There are several reasons why injector service may be necessary.

A decrease in fuel ECONOMY in any car is a telltale sign of an injector problem. Once any car has reached 60,000 miles, fuel economy and performance almost decreases as WELL… Injector service is required. Get your injectors cleaned and tested and regain the gas mileage, decreased emissions, smooth operation and performance you used to have.

Injectors that have been sitting outside of the car for an extended PERIOD of time or injectors purchased without a known history can be problematic. Are they clogged? Do they have any electrical problems? Does the set flow evenly? Injector Service will insure cleanliness, test for all issues and provide a valuable flow report.

 When new injectors are INSTALLED, especially if they are a different size than stock and/or if other engine modifications are made at the same time, the car’s ECU cannot properly regulate the injectors – Tuning is required. DeatschWerks Advanced Injector Testing provides the data necessary to optimize the idle, drivability and power you require from your new injectors.

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Single Injector Cleaning - $20 (require additional time to remove)
Total with tax = $20

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At Maxat Hybrid Repair, we offer a comprehensive line of hybrid maintenance services to keep your hybrid running like new. We pride ourselves on quality maintenance services that are designed to improve the performance of your HYBRID VEHICLE ( Toyota Prius, Toyota Camry, Honda Civic, Nissan Altima, Lexus Hybrids and many more), including hybrid battery repair and hybrid battery replacement.


As trusted hybrid mechanics, we offer:

  • Hybrid Battery Rebuild/Repair

  • High Voltage Cable – Inspection and Repair.

  • Test and analyze – transmission drive motor/power inverter system.

  • Test and analyze hybrid charging system

  • Inspection of all cabling

  • Electrical and diagnostic inspection

  • Power and energy of hybrid battery system.


If you’ve looked over the aforementioned list and you’re still not sure which option is the best for you and your vehicle. To make an appointment here at Maxat Hybrid Repair so as to give you an honest recommendation.




Prices for Toyota Prius (2004-2009):

HV Battery Repair = $869.25

(as of this post 10/06/16)
– Installation = Included
– HV Battery Fan Cleaning = Included
6 Month Warranty = Included

Total with tax = $950
 Cash Price. If Electronic Payment +3% Tax

HV Battery Factory Rebuild  (Toyota PN G9510-47031) = $2150.25

(price as of this post, 10/06/16)
– Installation = Included
(includes additional hour to transfer internal battery components)
– HV Battery Fan Cleaning = Included
3 Years Warranty = Included

Total with tax = $2350
* Cash Price. If Electronic Payment +3% Tax


If you have any questions, please, call us or send email (info@ifixhybrid.com).

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Auto Maintenance Services

We can take a look under the hood

The best way to keep your car running as smoothly and purring as softly as the day you bought it, even up to 200,000 miles and more, is to go see your neighborhood Maxat Hybrid Repair for regularly scheduled maintenance. From belts to batteries, brake jobs to wheеl alignment, exhaust to air conditioning, suspension systems to filters.

Getting on a regular maintenance schedule can also prevent time-consuming multiple visits because many car repairs can be handled in the same visit if detected early enough. So there’s no reason to wait for a rattle, rattle, thunder or a boom, boom, boom. Just get on a regularly scheduled maintenance PROGRAM for 30,000, 60,000, 90,000, check-ups. It will pay off down the road and keep you on the road a lot longer.
We offer:

  • Oil Change

  • Air Filter Replacement

  • Air Conditioning Services

  • Battery Maintenance & Replacement Services

  • Brake Services

  • Radiator Antifreeze/Coolant Service

  • Drivetrain Services

  • Check Engine Light Service

  • Fuel System Cleaning Service

  • Tire Services

  • Transmission Services

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5K/10K Maintence - $60

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Diagnostic Services

We take care for your vehicle

Today, most cars are controlled by COMPUTERS. The fuel injectors, the spark plugs, the steering system and more are all told when to fire and when to move by an onboard computer system.

If something’s going wrong with your car or engine, your onboard computer can tell you about it. If the computer senses something is wrong with one of your car’s systems, it will turn on a dashboard light, like “ABS Brakes” or something less specific, like “Check Engine.”

The best thing to do when your check engine light appears is to bring your vehicle into Maxat Hybrid Repair

Maxat Hybrid Repair has the latest automotive diagnostic equipment to identify what part of your engine or vehicle needs service. Often, it has something to do with increased emissions. Once we determine what the problem is we’ll carefully review with you what (if any) work needs to be done and exactly how much it will cost.

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Diagnostic Services - $80 (Warning lights, smell, noise)
Total with tax = Was: $80 NOW: $49

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Collision Repair

Collision Repair

 When the unfortunate happens to your vehicle, you deserve a first-class automotive collision repair facility that you can trust. MAXAT provides you with excellent service and the ability to return your vehicle to its pre-collision condition in a timely manner. It is we, Maxat Hybrid Repair

Maxat Hybrid Repair  is committed to promptly returning your vehicle to its pre-collision condition. Our highly skilled and professionally trained staff will help you process your insurance claim and repair your vehicle to exacting factory standards.


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We are a cooling systems expert too. When it comes to your RADIATOR, or any other part of your car’s cooling system, he’s the one to see. Your cooling system plays an important role in your vehicle’s performance. Left alone, an engine would become extremely hot, overheat and even begin to melt. The cooling system helps keep your engine cool, and running.

We are is also a heating  and AIR CONDITIONING expert. In fact, he can service your car’s entire HVAC system. Everything from a flushing and fill of the systems refrigerant, to checking hoses and maintaining the heating core

If you your car have problem with Heating or Cooling or AC system. Do NOT worry, just make an appointment at  Maxat Hybrid Repair and we will fix it.

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  • AC Charge – $80
  • Total with tax = $80

  • AC Diagnostic – $80
  • Total with tax = $80

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